City breaks down cost of President Trump’s visit to Honolulu

President Donald Trump’s recent visit to Honolulu with first lady, Melania, cost the city $140,776.86.

The couple arrived on Friday, Nov. 3, and spent less than 24 hours on the island before departing for Asia.

Various city departments worked collaboratively with the U.S. Secret Service to ensure their safety.

The largest share of overtime costs were borne by the Honolulu Police Department at $100,630.55.

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That was followed by the Department of Facility Maintenance at $14,687.08; the Honolulu Fire Department at $5,079.02; the Department of Parks and Recreation at $3,802.81; the Honolulu Emergency Services Department at $2,908.09; the Department of Environmental Services at $1,862.92; the Department of Transportation Services at $1,780.89; and the Department of Emergency Management at $893.18.

The city also spent $9,132.32 on third party costs for the movement of concrete barriers and other traffic control devices.

Since President Trump’s visit was not designated a National Special Security Event by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the city does not expect to recoup the costs associated with the overnight visit.

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