Honolulu Cookie Company cookies make great host/hostess gifts!

This is a big time of year for Honolulu Cookie Company, with the return of their long-awaited holiday flavors, and of course, many ways to share their famous premium shortbread cookies that are baked fresh daily in Hawaii.

Let’s say you’ve been spared from having to cook a turkey, thanks to a very gracious invitation for Thanksgiving. Honolulu Cookie Company offers a perfect selection of Thanksgiving Day Hostess Gifts.

Their Mele Keepsake Box, the medium-sized one, is the only package that comes with the Mele  2017 Ornament.  The Keepsake box includes more than a dozen cookies.

The Mele Window Gift Box is great for smaller gatherings, with 10 cookies in five flavors.

And for a sweet treat your host or hostess can also use to decorate the Christmas tree, the Mele Ornament Box comes with six cookies in three flavors.

Honolulu Cookie Company offers “Gifts For Any Gathering” and this week, the company wishes everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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