Brazen thieves steal massage chair at Pearlridge Center

UPDATE: Good news, the missing massage chair has been found! Get the full update here.

We’ve told you how crooks have been targeting items like Spam, corned beef, and macadamia nuts.

Now we’ve learned someone made off with a massage chair at Pearlridge Center.

The chair was located near Longs Drugs in the center’s Downtown complex.

It was swiped sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Tina Yamaki, president of Retail Merchants of Hawaii, says these days, it seems like thieves are getting more and more brazen.

“It’s not something that they wake up one day, or it’s a crime of opportunity. It’s something that’s planned,” she said. “They go and they case the place. They have a plan. They have a getaway car. They have somebody watching out for them.”

The company that owns the massage chair is offering a $300 reward. If you know who stole it, call police.

We’ll have more on this story tonight on KHON2 News at 10.

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