What’s Poppin – Jingle Bells and Bonfire

Here it is, Jingle Bells!  This holiday specialty chocolate is now available.   Visually pleasing white chocolate with green and red chocolate drizzle and a cool peppermint flavor.  A pure delight for giving and receiving.

Watch out for this savory flavor.  Bonfire is one of Chef Ry’s rotational items that usually makes its round about now.  Jalapeño Ranch is the flavor.  Capture the full flavor of this pepper and don’t be afraid, the ranch calms this beast down.  It’s hot, but it doesn’t scream at you.  Just makes you warm and cozy.

Primo Popcorn’s smart shopper tip:   Save time and Click and Ship online at USPS.com.  Then bring your prepaid packages to us.  Post office does daily pickups.  No lines or traffic congestions.

Come check all our fun stuff at 120 Sand Island Access Road or click and shop online at www.primopopcorn.com.

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