Laulima: Single mother with no family assistance seeks essentials for baby

KHON2 is once again partnering with Keiki O Ka Aina for our Laulima Giving Program. Every day, we’ll share a story of a family or someone who may be going through a rough time and could use some help this holiday season.

A single mother is struggling with little support and this holiday season we can help.

Mom is 29 years old. When she was pregnant, she decided to leave the father because of his substance abuse problem.

With Dad out of the picture and no family to help watch her baby, most of Mom’s paycheck goes to infant childcare.

Then a few weeks ago, she was in a car accident and though no one was injured, her car was badly damaged. Insurance did cover part of it, but she still had to come up with a few thousand dollars.

Mom only asks for the essentials for her 7-month-old baby girl: clothing (size 9-12 months), diapers (size 4) and formula (Similac Alimentom) as she’s allergic to regular milk.

Mom has a lengthy commute to work so she’d appreciate a gas card.

Her caseworker adds that a manicure or pedicure would be a treat for her, as she rarely does anything nice for herself.

To help, click here and use the ohana code LS-364.

If you need assistance this holiday season, or want more information on the Laulima Giving Program, please call (808) 393-4981 or email

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