North Shore community dealing with increased crime before tragedy

Stephen Brown and Hailey Dandurand are accused of killing Telma Boinville in a home near Shark’s Cove.

Her family tells us, she was cleaning the house and had her 8-year-old daughter with her at the time.

Two tourists renting the home found her daughter tied-up on Thursday.

Going beyond the headlines, Jenn Boneza spoke to members of the community who tell us that they’ve been dealing with an increase of crime before this week’s tragedy.

The once quiet North Shore community is unsettled. According to the North Shore Neighborhood Board, a recent rise in criminal activity and the murder of Telma Boinville has residents concerned.

“We’ve had three major crimes in the last six to eight months and it’s leaving people feeling unsafe,” Kathleen Pahinui, North Shore Neighborhood Board said.

Pahinui says there are more car break-ins during this time of year on the North Shore and that rental properties often become targets.

“You have whole communities now where there are not neighbors, so it’s very easy for people to burglarize those locations and nobody will know about it for a while,” Pahinui said.

She says the increase in thefts and burglaries pale in comparison to more serious crimes.

“It’s the violent person-on-person crime that’s really got all of us very upset. It just doesn’t feel safe,” Pahinui said.

When asked what Pahinui thought could be done to prevent these things from happening, she said more police presence.

“We definitely need more police presence on the North Shore. We only have four officers that go from Kaena Point to Turtle Bay. I hope Chief Ballard is listening, ’cause we need more police presence,” Pahinui said.

Former Honolulu police officer and current North Shore Neighborhood Board member Michael Lyons agrees the community is vulnerable.

“Coming after the crime is not doing anybody any good. The people are already injured, they’re already hurt,” Lyons said. “We need to get more people down here, more active police, so we can address these issues ’cause they’re not going away. We have really good policemen, and they’re doing their best but you need more.”

Both Pahinui and Lyons tell KHON2 their requests for more police presence are continually denied.

“Over the years they’ve told us it’s based on statistics and call 911, but we’re a large rural area and if police are called to one part of the North Shore that means the rest of the North Shore is left vulnerable,” Pahinui said.

We reached out to HPD to find out if they plan to change how they determine how many officers they station in an area, and if they plan to increase the police presence on the North Shore. We’ll follow up and let you know when we hear back.

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