What’s been causing Hawaii’s chilly ‘winter’ temperatures?

Have you been breaking out the blankets lately? Perhaps wearing a sweater or long pants to bed?

Temperatures have been chilly lately, even more so than Hawaii’s typical “winter” weather.

During this time of year, storm fronts cross the Pacific Ocean from Asia to the West Coast, leaving cold air in their wake.

They’ll typically travel far north of us without any impact.

Lately, however, the storms have been tracking south, so we feel the cooler temperatures as they pass our islands.

How long will this chill last?

As long as these storm fronts keep traveling south, expect cold temperatures to continue.

While it’s hard to predict exactly when and where the fronts will track, it’s likely you’ll need those blankets at least through the rest of the year.

It’s possible we could experience chilly temperatures through the wet season, which lasts until April.

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