Crews repave nearly 500 lane miles as efforts to improve city roads continue

So far this year, the city says it has repaved nearly 500 lane miles of road, including those on the North Shore, Waialua, West, Central and Windward Oahu, and Hawaii Kai.

Crews are now tending to long neglected roads on Saint Louis Heights.

The entire neighborhood is expected to be repaved in the coming months as part of Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s efforts to upgrade Oahu’s city roads.

“What we have done in many cases is repave roads just like this in Saint Louis Heights, roads that have been neglected for 20, 30, sometimes 40 years or forever,” Caldwell said.

“The mayor’s aggressive repaving program has really made a difference in the amount of potholes that we have to repair each year,” said Ross Sasamura, chief engineer for the Department of Facility Maintenance.

According to the city, road repaving efforts have cut down on the number of potholes filled by crews each year, down from around 48,000 in the beginning of the mayor’s term to around 23,000 this year.

Some of the areas set to be paved in 2018 include Aiea Heights, Campbell Industrial Park, Kalaeloa, Manoa, Kamokila, and downtown Honolulu.

The mayor acknowledges there are roads in town in bad need of repair.

“All those roads in town are pretty bad. Bishop Street, King Street in front of the hale, Merchant and Queen, Halekauwila. We are going to be doing all of those too,” he said.

As for the process to decide which roads are paved when, Sasamura says the city uses a pavement condition index.

Although some roads may not be in as bad condition as others, it makes sense to do more than just the substandard roads in each neighborhood.

“It wouldn’t be right just to attack all of the poor streets in an area, and then have to come back again within a year to do other streets in the same area, so we try to get as many streets as we can that we project are going to be in need of the work and handle it that way,” he said.

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