Rolovich avoids Mariota mistake keeping Cordeiro home

Nick Rolovich

Sometimes life gives you a second chance.

For University of Hawai’i head football coach Nick Rolovich, strike one came back in the summer of 2010. A former backup Saint Louis quarterback gained buzz that summer before leading the Crusaders to a state championship in his senior year.

Rolo, then the offensive coordinator for the Warriors, joined the rest of the coaching staff in holding off on offering Marcus Mariota a scholarship before he had become a full-time high school starter.

Oregon swooped in with an offer, Marcus committed, and the rest was history.

“I don’t know if I should even say this but I was here when we didn’t offer Marcus before his senior year, and Oregon did.” Rolovich said.

“By that time it was too late for us to get him. It was ‘hey let’s see how he plays in a game blah blah blah’.”

History repeated itself this May. With Chevan Cordeiro filling in as the Crusader QB for Tua Tagovailoa, Rolovich struck while the iron was hot and offered Cordeiro a scholarship. Cordeiro committed soon after, and now Rolo has what many consider his quarterback of the future.

“I know I can’t say their names (due to NCAA rules), there’s some coaches on this island who really know what they’re talking about. When you hear them say ‘hey this kid is going to be something’, and we liked him in camp. I think I learned from that lesson, we can’t let that happen again.” Rolovich added.

Rolo’s gamble paid off in a big way. Cordeiro piled up nearly 3,600 yards of total offense and 39 touchdowns while leading the Crusaders to a state championship this season. He also accounted for 7 total touchdowns in Saint Louis’ 56-50 win over future California state champion Narbonne High School in September.

Cordeiro, always competing through his days backing up Tagovailoa, will have to compete again as Hawai’i inked 6’3″ signal caller Jeremy Moussa out of Corona, California. Both prospects signed their letters of intent Wednesday to play for Hawai’i.

I’m excited for (Cordeiro) and Moussa to come in and compete. We want to see what these young guys can do. Obviously Chevan had a great year at quarterback. This is kind of a good bounce back for us in the local market.”

Click here to see a full breakdown of Hawaii’s early signing period, which runs through Friday. National Signing Day will make another appearance for football prospects February 7th, 2018.

Cordeiro is committed to play in the 2018 Polynesian Bowl January 20th at Aloha Stadium.

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