Travelers can now enjoy free Wi-Fi at Honolulu airport

It’s been highly requested and a long time coming, but Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport now has free Wi-Fi.

A soft launch began Dec. 14, and officials say travelers connected to the new service within minutes via “HNL Free WiFi” or “Boingo Hotspot.”

The Wi-Fi is available through Boingo Wireless (Nasdaq: WIFI) which operates wireless networks in major airports, stadiums, campuses, military bases and commercial properties throughout the country and world.

“The free one is that people will log on and they’ll get free Wi-Fi in 45-minute sessions. However, they will have to watch a short ad, and that ad or video is less than 30 seconds. In fact sometimes, it’s not even a video. It could be a print ad and they just kind of see it, acknowledge it, done, and then they’ll get 45 minutes of free Wi-Fi, and they’ll keep getting an ad every 45 minutes or so,” explained Tim Sakahara, Department of Transportation spokesman.

Customers can opt for even faster speeds by purchasing a one-day or monthly Boingo subscription for less than $10.

The Wi-Fi coverage area at HNL includes the Overseas Terminal and Central Concourse on the first and second levels between ticket lobbies 4-8, gates 12-25 and baggage claims E-H.

Boingo is working on wireless infrastructure improvements that will add Wi-Fi coverage to the Diamond Head Concourse, Ewa Concourse and Interisland Terminal in the coming months.

The state is also planning to offer free Wi-Fi at neighbor-island airports next year.

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