Woman injured from breadfruit thrown into tour bus window in Windward Oahu

A visitor from Utah is recovering after she was left bloodied and bruised by an object thrown at her tour bus window.

It happened last week on the windward side of Oahu.

The woman says she was on a tour bus headed back from a night at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

No one has been arrested, so she’s speaking out hoping the suspect will be caught.

This was the scene just moments after someone threw an unripe breadfruit at a tour bus window driving in Kaaawa.

Valerie Zaugg was sitting in the seat behind the broken window and was hit in the face by the fruit and shattered glass.

“I saw somebody on the mountain side of the road and they threw something at the bus,” Zaugg recalled. “I just remember screaming and telling them to pull over the bus. They turned the lights on and saw the blood. Everybody was just like wow what just happened.”

Zaugg said the tour driver pulled over and ran off the bus looking for the suspects.

Police and EMS were called and Zaugg was treated at the scene, but she was left with cuts and bruises on her face.

“I just felt embarrassed, I didn’t really wanna leave the room a whole lot,” Zaugg said.

Although Zaugg and her family continued with their vacation, she says the incident affected the rest of her trip.

“Anytime we got on a bus I was very conscientious of where we sat,” Zaugg said. “I heard from many bus drivers over there that, ‘oh yea it’s eggs or it’s stones,’ but this is the most traumatic thing that they’ve seen.”

Police haven’t identified a suspect, but Zaugg said it was a young male who was possibly with friends.

“I’m hoping that somebody will say something regarding the people who did this, maybe the kids who did this, so they can be held accountable. Because if not, it’s just gonna happen again,” Zaugg said.

Despite what happened, Zaugg still feels the aloha spirit. She said so many people from Hawaii have messaged her and apologized that this happened.

If you have any information about this crime, call police.

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