More closures required to repair Diamond Head summit trail

The state is once again closing Diamond Head State Monument summit trail for repairs.

Crews need to improve a section of the lower hiking trail, from the end of the concrete walkway to the historic generator building.

According to the Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of State Parks, this section of the trail was part of a previous soil remediation project in 1996, but has since eroded, creating a riverbed during seasonal rains and storms, which have exacerbated the damage to this section of the trail.

“The Diamond Head Summit Trail hike is one of the must-do hiking experiences for Hawaii visitors and residents alike,” said Curt Cottrell, State Parks administrator. “However, the soft, crumbly rock (volcanic tuff) that makes up Diamond Head leaves this landmark susceptible to deterioration due to the natural effects of erosion, as well as the numbers of people utilizing the trail. This trail stabilization work will ensure a safe hiking experience for park visitors.”

The section will be stabilized and hardened with sculpted concrete, like work completed previously in other sections of the summit trail.

Full closures will be in effect on Jan. 3-5, 8-12, and 16-19, Mondays through Fridays.

It will remain open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays, and Jan. 15, which is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a state holiday.

The “crater park” inside the crater floor, which includes the parking lot, restroom, visitor center and gift shop, and lunch wagon, is expected to remain open during most of the work.

Prometheus Construction was previously contracted to mitigate rockfall hazards on Diamond Head.

Work was completed in mid-December,on time and under the project’s $1.72 million budget.

Officials say the savings will go toward these additional repairs.

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