Couple thanks Good Samaritan who stopped thief with stolen phone in Waikiki

A would-be theft in Waikiki was foiled Tuesday afternoon by a Good Samaritan who stepped in to help.

The suspect got away, but a photo of the unlikely hero — and the story behind it — is quickly spreading across social media.

The woman who stepped in was working in Waikiki when she noticed a visitor, who’s from Alaska, calling out for help.

Another woman, who just so happens to be a local photographer, caught the photo that has lots of people talking.

She’s being called the “hero in the floral dress” and “wonder woman.”

The story behind the photo begins with Donna Ogilvie, who was waiting for her husband outside of Longs Drugs in Waikiki when a man she didn’t know came up to her husband’s wheelchair.

“He saw the cell phone. He grabbed the cell phone and looked at me and smiled, and I said ‘Stop, put it back,’ and he just kind of grinned and took off across the street,” Ogilvie said.

Crystal Palacios was standing outside at her job in Waikiki. She saw Ogilvie yelling for help and spotted the suspect walking her way.

“He was the one with the phone, and I saw her and I was like ‘I got you,’ and pretty much he came up and I was like, ‘Give me the phone’ and he was like ‘Try and make me give it to you’ or something like that,” Palacios said.

“She grabbed him by the shirt and he stumbled and because he was wearing flip flops, he lost his sandal and dropped the phone. Another man actually took him down,” Ogilvie said.

“Then out of nowhere, I saw this beautiful, powerful woman storming across the street and all traffic stopped and she had a cell phone in her hand and she’s like ‘Here you go,'” said photographer Jenna Lee Mauro.

The suspect was able to get away but he left two phones behind.

Mauro saw what happened so she snapped the picture of Palacios moments after and posted it online.

“It was just so incredible. I couldn’t believe it, so I just had to take a photo of it, because I was just blown away. I mean first of all she’s in a dress and wedge heels, and she chased the guy down,” Mauro said.

“My friends come up to me and they’re like ‘You’re famous. You’re famous on Facebook,’ and I’m like, ‘What do you mean? I’m at work right now. I’m not even looking at my phone,'” Palacios said.

The women were all able to reunite a few hours after the incident.

“I just want to thank the folks that really stepped up. Sometimes stepping up and trying to help somebody puts you in harm’s way and so we were most appreciative of that,” Ogilvie said.

We asked Palacios why she decided to do something. She said it was simply the right thing to do.

“It was very, very important, especially with a lot of things that’s been happening in my hometown down on the North Shore,” she said. “When I think of those kind of things it makes me think there’s so many people, all of us. Why can’t at least some of us step in and do the right thing, you know?”

While we were out in Waikiki, we saw the other man who helped stop the theft, but he declined to be on camera.

We’re told the other cell phone that the suspect left behind was actually stolen earlier in the day, but Palacios and the other Good Samaritan were able to track down the owner and return it.

As for the suspect, we’re told the visitors have a photo of what he looks like, and they’ll be following up with police.

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