Affordable housing community opens for families in need

The first tenants of a new affordable housing community have officially moved in.

Kahauiki Village opened Friday on 11.3 acres of land located between Nimitz Highway, Keehi Lagoon Park, and Sand Island.

The community consist of roughly 150 modular homes previously built for Tohoku, Japan tsunami victims.

How they came to stand here is the story of teamwork between government, state and city, private businesses, and a community of caring people.

“I think it’s amazing how the community really came together to build such a wonderful place for me and other families that really need a place to live,” said resident Kaimbrea Vance.

The project was designed to provide affordable homes for families.

“They all have to be families. They can’t be single individuals, and they all have young children,” said project developer Mel Kaneshige. “We want to be able to break the cycle of homelessness for these families by having them come here and have a fresh start.”

There are one- and two-bedroom units available starting at $725 a month, which includes all utilities.

There’s also a daycare and preschool on site.

“It is just such a blessing,” Vance said. “If it weren’t for this facility, we’d probably be back on the streets, and before that I was at a group home by Catholic Charities for women that were pregnant, who needed a safe place to live.”

The project was made possible via a public-private partnership with aio Foundation.

“I’m excited to sleep tonight in our own home. We’ve never had our own place and yeah, it’s pretty amazing,” Vance said.

Click here for more information.

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