OHA trustee assumes responsibility, will cover payment after fender bender

An Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee has agreed to cover the repairs of a fender bender that occurred last September.

Branden Ibara says he had just gotten out of his parked car on Kawaiahao Street when a car hit his door as he was grabbing change to feed the meter.

Lei Ahu Isa was behind the wheel. He claims she stopped and they spoke, but she didn’t stick around to exchange information.

We had reached out to the trustee who told us she left in fear of Ibara.

“I left because I felt threatened. The attitude was belligerent and I did not want to get into an altercation with him,” Ahu Isa said at the time.

Ahu Isa was initially cited for §291C-13 Accidents involving damage to vehicle or property, which means she left the scene of an accident. It comes with a $100 fine.

We’ve since learned she admitted to §291C-15 Duty upon striking unattended vehicle or other property, which means she did not leave her information. She paid a $50 fine.

She also agreed to cover Ibara’s deductible, which was $500.

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