With minutes to decide, what should you do in a real missile alert?

The false missile alarm caught many people off guard.

Some people were at home when they received the false alarm. Others were in their vehicles or enjoying the weekend outdoors.

If we ever are targeted – officials say you have just 15 minutes to prepare. So that’s why their message is simple – shelter in place.

  • If you’re already at home, officials say stay home and away from windows.
  • If you’re outside, seek shelter in a nearby building preferably a concrete structure.
  • If you’re outside and nothing like that is nearby, look for the best cover available. Put as much mass as possible between yourself and the blast.
  • If you’re in a car, pull to the side of the road and find a nearby building.
  • If you can’t, then stay in your car.

Concrete is the best protection, but if your home is made of wood, going to the center of your home will provide you the best protection.

In a large apartment or office building, get to the bottom into the basement if possible.

In Honolulu, city bus drivers were told via text message to pull over and help passengers seek refuge in a building. Many did, but we learned some passengers were kicked off. So we asked Oahu Transit Services and were told those reports are being investigated.

“I’m not here to say there weren’t miscommunications that is something, we are going to look out in terms of our protocols to make sure that our instruction sent out via text message are as clear as they possibly can be,” Roger Morton of OTS said at a conference that took place on Saturday.

We also found there was confusion at places like Walmart and City Mill.

City Mill tells us it received reports of one person being turned away.

“In one of our stores we had a sales associate who was not clear of the procedures and was planning to shut the whole store down send the employees home including customers and himself, but I think he was not aware of the immediacy of this particular emergency,” the company said.

City Mills says since Sunday the company has a new nuclear emergency plan.

Walmart sent KHON2 this statement:

“We can’t imagine the panic, chaos and fear that Hawaii residents, including our associates and customers, experienced during the false emergency alert last week. Our store and club associates are trained to respond to a broad range of emergency situations and, despite the unprecedented nature of this alert, their quick response helped many people find immediate shelter inside our buildings. We understand that in the confusion some associates may have misunderstood the direction and evacuated customers rather than sheltering in place. For this we apologize. As a result of this unusual occurrence, we will review our emergency response training with associates and reinforce proper procedures to help ensure all of our associates are prepared for any similar situations in the future.”

Following the blast, the radioactive fallout could last up to 14 days. So stay inside until you’re told to leave or for two weeks, whichever comes first.

It is crucial to have enough supplies to last 14 days.

Your hurricane kit should already be packed with enough supplies to last that long.

And remember to have a battery powered radio packed too, that is how the State will keep us informed if the worse happens.

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