Ewa Beach man killed hours after celebrating his birthday

An Ewa Beach man was killed while crossing Fort Weaver Road Thursday.

It happened at around 4:32 a.m. at the Pohakupuna Road intersection.

Police say a Toyota sedan was heading east when it hit a 58-year-old man.

He was pronounced at the scene. Police say he appeared to be in a marked crosswalk at the time.

Family members identify the victim as Larry Kalani. They tell us Kalani was on his way to catch the bus to work when he was hit.

Ledward Kalani describes his father as a good man who always provided for them, and never wanted to miss a day of work.

“I think most of us still in shock. It hasn’t really sunk in yet, and just trying to figure everything out,” he told KHON2.

Ledward Kalani says he and his two brothers are still in shock after losing their father just one day after his birthday.

“His birthday was yesterday,” Ledward said. “My brother had told me that last night, they had hung out and had some beers to celebrate his birthday. Unfortunate, but yeah, he just turned 58 yesterday.”

Ledward Kalani is Larry Kalani’s oldest son. He was at his house in town when he heard the news.

“My brother had called me then I saw the news alert, and putting that together, I kind of figured that was him in the crosswalk,” Ledward Kalani said.

His younger brother and his dad moved in to a house on Parish Drive about a year ago. His brother was going to work when he saw the accident. When he looked closer at the scene, he saw his father’s lunch bag.

Police say speed, drugs, and alcohol do not appear to be factors in the crash.

Ledward Kalani did have one thing he wanted the driver who killed his father to know.

“It was an accident,” Ledward said. “I know that. They said there was no alcohol involved. I hope it wasn’t speeding. I hope it wasn’t using phone or, you know, being distracted. I know we all do it sometimes. I do it too, but I always remind myself it’s not worth it. The speeding, using a device, it can wait.”

Fort Weaver Road was closed in both directions as police investigated and cleared the scene.

Residents near the scene of the accident said Fort Weaver Road is unsafe.

Pat Millan lives just one block from where Larry Kalani was hit. She said she never uses the crosswalk where he was struck.

“I don’t,” Millan said. “I wouldn’t. It’s dangerous… and it’s dark. The lighting is really bad in this area.”

The crash occurred in early-morning hours when the area was still dark, but police noted that two overhead street lights were working properly at the time.

The Ewa neighborhood board said it is working to implement traffic calming measures throughout Ewa Beach.

Councilwoman Kymberly Marcos Pine sent a statement regarding the accident:

“My heart goes out to the Ewa Beach resident who passed away in a tragic accident this morning. We are currently looking to see whether more traffic safety measures should be implemented in the area. We welcome community feedback and continue to ask residents to reach out if there are other areas of concern in our district.”

This is the sixth traffic fatality this year on Oahu compared to three at this same time last year.

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