College students create copper ‘forever’ roses for Valentine’s Day

Students at Honolulu Community College are getting ready for Valentine’s Day.

It involves much more than romance.

Students in the school’s Sheet Metal and Plastics Technology program are creating roses out of copper.

The roses will be sold on Valentine’s Day — one for $15 or four for $50.

“It’s one of our best moneymakers, because we’ve been able to sell (out) mostly every year and cover all our costs and have the money to make their final project, which is stainless steel. It costs a lot of money, so it works out for us,” said program instructor Danny Aiu. “The money we raise, the school doesn’t use it so they have something to take home instead of them paying for the stainless on their own.”

Aiu says it’s a valuable learning experience as well.

“The students learn the most because they learn mass fabrication, and that’s something we can’t do in the college, because we’d have to throw away everything that they make, so we try to find something they can do mass fabrication, learn the techniques step by step by step in getting something done,” he explained. “It’s actually easier for them. Copper’s a little softer. Before, we did steel and they really struggled making enough roses, but now the copper’s a little soft and actually, I think it’s nicer.”

The roses will be available at the Honolulu Community College in Building 17 starting at 9 a.m.

If you’d like one, better get there early. Some years, roses sold out in roughly 90 minutes.

Click here for more information on HCC’s Sheet Metal and Plastics Technology program.

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