‘Messages of Life’ community wall filled with words of love, inspiration

Sharing messages of life, love, and inspiration.

That’s the intention behind a wall in Pearl City.

It started off with a single sticky note last November, and has grown exponentially since.

The wall is located in the Pearl City Shopping Center next to Don Quijote.

The center’s owner saw something similar in New York City and asked his workers if they could recreate it.

After the first day, there were a couple dozen postings, mainly from folks who live in the area. Now, there are thousands from people all over the island.

Some of them are words of wisdom. Others are messages about family.

“They post their feelings, concerns, everything is on the wall. So it’s really a neat thing. I don’t think we can ever take it down, because it’s growing and growing, and they’re posting on top of each other’s posts,” said employee Barry Villamil. “They pass messages along to their loved ones here and departed and it’s touching, and then you see them come from little 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds posting pictures and writing something to grandparents.”

If you want to see this wall or add to the messages, it’s near the entrance ramp to Don Quijote in Pearl City.

The only rules are keep it positive and don’t use any swear words.

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