Craigslist ad offers Valentine’s Day dinner reservation for a price

Each year on February 14 restaurants are packed and phones are ringing off the hook.

In some cases the person on the other end might be looking for a last minute reservation.

Enter one Craigslist poster who put in motion a plan to capitalize on some potential diners penchant for procrastination.

The post offered a promise of a reservation on Valentine’s Day at restaurants that typically see plenty of business on the mid-February holiday.

The catch? Each reservation would cost you a $50 fee.

Jason Kama with the Better Business Bureau says making a reservation with a third party not associated with the restaurant can be dicey.

“It’s happening through Craigslist but you always want to be concerned about is if a third-party is selling reservations to a place that they are not associated with. You’re not really sure if you’re getting that reservation or not,” Kama explained.

KHON2 reached out to the person who posted the advertisement, but there is no response yet.

Kama says when booking reservations, the best thing you can do is contact the restaurant directly.

“Scammers can catch you at that moment of weakness or confusion, where you are rushing. You want to make sure that it might sound too good to be true that you get a last-minute reservation at the prime restaurant on Valentine’s Day,” Kama said.

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