Planned power outage to affect businesses and condos for hours

A number of buildings in the Ala Moana area will lose power from 11 p.m. Thursday to 7 a.m. Friday.

Hawaiian Electric says crews will be conducting emergency repair work in a manhole on Kona Street.

The work was prompted by an outage Friday night that was caused by an underground cable fault. Officials say if the work is delayed, the greater the likelihood of a prolonged outage and more extensive repairs.

“We are really trying to give advance notice. It is emergency work and it really needs to be done,” said Shannon Tangonan of HECO.

According to HECO, Walmart and Sam’s Club are among the businesses affected along with others along Keeaumoku Street.

The ewa end of Ala Moana Center will also lose power Thursday night, along with four separate condominium towers: One Ala Moana, Waihonua, Moana Pacific and Hawaiki Tower.

“Normally we wouldn’t have to do such a large outage, planned outage, but it’s a higher voltage line or cable and or crews are going to be working underground in an underground vault,” Tangonan explained.

The Brilliant Ox is among the businesses that will have to deal with the overnight outage.

Even though the restaurant closes one hour before the power goes out, the restaurant’s general manager Adam Carmody says they’ll still feel the effects. He says the restaurant will have to contend with losing power to its refrigeration system.

“Right now, we are thinking about filling up some of the extra ice barrels we have and just keeping them in the walk-in and sealing the walk-in as best we can,” he said. “It holds temperature down to 35, so we will get everything done before 11 o’clock. We’ll get everything sealed as best we can with duct tape or something just to keep the cold in, and not let anybody in there. We’ll keep it a good temperature, but that’s basically all we can really do.”

“We apologize to customers who will be inconvenienced by this emergency repair work,” said Jim Alberts, senior vice president of customer service for Hawaiian Electric. “We scheduled overnight work in order to minimize the impact on those affected and we hope this advance notice will enable customers to plan around it.”

Hawaiian Electric says the outage will not affect traffic lights or street lights in the area.

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