Brent Remadna

Video Journalist

Brent RemadnaBrent Remadna comes to KHON2 from Rapid City, S.D., where he worked as a weekend sports anchor and news reporter.

The University of Mississippi graduate says he knew journalism was his calling when he covered one of the worst blizzards ever to hit the state.

“Covering the disaster was one thing, but meeting the people — mainly cattle ranchers — and telling their story was the most memorable,” he recalled. “The result was an outpouring of support from people across the nation and organizations. I’ll never forget the handshakes and smiles from those ranchers.”

Remadna says he was drawn to Hawaii’s fantastic weather and people. “I’ve always wanted to cover news in a big city with a lot going on, and I can tell you Honolulu definitely has that to offer,” he said.

The Austin, Texas native minored in business administration and is a die-hard college football fan, especially when it comes to his alma mater.

“Anytime an Ole Miss sporting event comes on, I’m all eyes and ears… even if the game is on at 6 a.m.”


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