Jai Cunningham

Reporter, Wake Up 2Day

Jai Cunningham

Jai Cunningham loves to cover stories that have an impact on people.

One of the most dramatic stories he ever reported was his own – sharing the struggle of overcoming domestic violence as a young boy.

His experience, along with tragic news of a friend being killed by her husband, prompted an on-air pledge to shave his head every time a woman or child died of domestic violence abuse.

“Many stories we cover are personal for us,” he said. “It’s certainly the case for me when it comes to domestic violence. I watched my mom escape from an abusive relationship with my father, abuse that even reached his children.”

Cunningham shaved his head six times during the year-long pledge.

The proud University of Hawaii at Manoa graduate has been with KHON2 since 1992, when he started as a sports reporter. “I figured getting paid to watch sports was a no-brainer for a career choice,” he said.

In his free time, Cunningham loves to CrossFit, run and swim.

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