Last weekend at the 50th State Fair

Head on over this weekend to meet Spiderman, check out the circus, be part of the Pork Chop Revue, and of course have fun on the rides!

Money Matters: Father Knows Best

Whether you’re a new dad or a dad with many years on the job, it’s a big responsibility as fathers to ensure the family’s financial health a…

Mixed Plate: Mabuhay

In “Mixed Plate: Mabuhay,” Pamela Young explores the Philippines, from its history to its culture, and its modern-day evolution.

Arrive Alive: REHAB Drivers Program

The loss of the ability to drive is often an obstacle to returning to independent living, however, the Department of Transportation wants to…

Ace Medical for Home Health Care

When serious illness strikes you or a loved one, medical equipment in your home might be necessary. That’s where Ace Medical comes in.

Geeks and Gadgets: Smart Toys

Resident Geeks Francine Beppu and PJ Tan take a couple of high tech toys for a spin in the Living808 studio.