Inconsistencies arise in Katherine Kealoha’s guardianship allegations

When the money was finally turned over to the now-adult beneficiaries, the guardianship case file shows there was still at least $80,000 the…

FBI arrests retired major, police officer linked to alleged corruption investigation involving Kealohas

This comes just two days before a federal grand jury is set to expire after convening for two years without an indictment.

HART submits rail recovery plan to FTA

Officials say the updated project financial plan reflects additional local funding, recently allocated by state and city lawmakers, to build…

Board backs off skip-to-parole for Manoa rapist; work furlough again a prerequisite

The Hawaii Paroling Authority is still willing to let him take his first steps outside of Halawa prison, but only into a work furlough progr…

House approves rail funding proposal, bill heads to governor for signature

Senate Bill 4 now heads to the governor for his signature.

Mayor’s stress test claim ‘evaporated’ as FTA reaffirms half-billion pad not required

The mayor said today multiple times he’s just trying to be wary of a shortfall.