Work furlough, prison escapes 2012

Data from Always Investigating article, ‘Inmate escapes on the rise but court and crime consequences often lax.’ YEAR: 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | …

Oahu Community Correctional Center

Inmate escapes on the rise but court and crime consequences often lax

There’s a promise of additional escape charges once they’re caught, but Always Investigating discovered that doesn’t always happen.

auditor state of hawaii

Auditor calls pCard oversight an unresolved, years-old issue

Always Investigating has been digging into pCard spending, and found an auditor’s report from years ago that raised the same oversight quest…

maui county offices

Major investigation into Maui County pCard abuse, misspending

Always Investigating tracked the money trail on multiple public workers and found that tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars have been missp…

hpd redacted pages

Tracking truth, transparency promises at HPD

After the publicity surrounding the video of Sgt. Darren Cachola, the Honolulu Police Department promised to be more open. But even if we pa…

Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr.

Kauai mayor releases pCard statements

Use your county credit card without the right paperwork and you’ll lose it. It’s happened on Kauai, which revoked some government spending c…