Ask a Specialist: Advance Care Planning

If you were no longer able to make health care decisions on your own, would your loved ones know what would be most important to you to ensu…

Ask a Specialist: Breast tomosynthesis

Ask a Specialist: Breast tomosynthesis

What is 3D mammography exactly, and what are the benefits of it? What is the difference between standard 2D mammograms and 3D mammograms? Le…

Ask a Specialist: Female athlete triad

Ask a Specialist: Female athlete triad

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Ask a Specialist: Atrial fibrillation

Ask a Specialist: Atrial fibrillation

According to the American Heart Association, 2.7 million Americans are living with Atrial Fibrillation, the most common type of irregular he…


Ask a Specialist: Stroke

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Ask a Specialist: Headaches

Learn more about headaches, what the common triggers are and when to seek medical attention.


Ask a Specialist: Cervical Stenosis

Find out what that is and what can be done to treat it with Dr. Lance Mitsunaga, orthopedic spine surgeon at The Queen’s Medical Center.


Ask a Specialist: Osteoporosis

Find out who tends to get this bone disease and what you can do that can help reduce your risk or prevent it from getting worse.


Ask a Specialist: Melanoma

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Ask a Specialist: Your aging eyes

Ask a Specialist: Your aging eyes

Having trouble reading things up close? Does it seem like you’re looking through a dirty lens in the eye? Find out what’s happening to your …