Ask a Specialist: Strokes

Every week we get a chance to welcome in a specialist from the Queen’s Medical Center to talk about your health. This week we welcome in Doc…


Ask the Specialist: Diabetes

By 2040, more than 640 million people could be living with diabetes and many won’t even know it. Dr. Alan Parsa, Medical Director of the Dia…


Ask a Specialist: Thyroid cancer

September is thyroid cancer awareness month. What can you do to check if you have thyroid cancer? Dr. Shane Morita, Surgical Oncology Progra…

Ask a Specialist: How to Manage Stress

Ask a Specialist: How to Manage Stress

Feeling stressed out? Anxious? What’s the difference between the two? Find out and learn ways to manage your stress with Dr. Ryan Lunsford –…


Ask a Specialist: Breastfeeding

Get tips and learn about the new Hawaii law that supports breastfeeding families in this segment of Ask a Specialist on Wake Up 2day.


Ask a Specialist: Chronic wounds

Do you have wounds that take a very long time to heal? Chronic wounds affect one in 100 people over the age of 75. Dr. Ajay Bhatt, medical d…


Ask a Specialist

In May of this year, you may have heard about a Pennsylvania woman who was found to have a superbug, a bacteria that was resistant to many a…