maine white lobster

Rare white lobsters caught in Maine

The University of Maine’s Lobster Institute said the odds of catching a single albino lobster are one in 100 million.

Twitpic tweet of closure

TwitPic is shutting down, blames Twitter

TwitPic, a photo sharing website closely linked to Twitter, will be shutting down on September 25, 2014. The service was launched in 2008 an…

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Your animal ate what?!?

(CNN) — It’s called, “they ate what?” It’s a totally different kind of pet shaming run by vets nationwide. You never know where their nose h…

Justin Ross Harris

Georgia father indicted on murder charges in son’s hot car death

MARIETTA, GA (CNN) — A grand jury has indicted a Georgia father in the hot car death of his toddler son. Justin Ross Harris is charged with …