natatorium memorial day service (1)

City to discuss future of Natatorium

The Zoning and Housing Committee could vote today on a resolution urging the Mayor and city officials to include a new design concept in the…


The 4th Annual Chamber Week

President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii Sherry Menor-McNamara joined us on Wake Up 2day with more on the upcoming events.


Ask a Specialist: Nerve Pain

Do you suffer from nerve pain?  How do you know you have it?  Learn what the symptoms are, how it’s treated and what you can do to prevent t…


HTA Pro Junior Challenge: Justin Arcano

Justin Arcano made a special trip from the valley isle to Oahu to share a tip with us. He showed up how to hit a successful bunker shot, wit…


HTA Pro Junior Challenge: Evan Kawai

Evan Kawai shared a golf tip with us in the days leading up to the challenge. He showed us how to do a flop shot when near the green.