Hawaii’s CW Star: Lane

Why you think you should be the 1st Hawaii’s CW Star?

I think I should be the 1st Hawaii’s CW Star because I have been living in the Health Care, Media, Music, Art cultures at birth. From growing up in The City of Angels moving to Hawaii I had no friends at a young age due to being a multi-racial mainlander that the locals did not respect or understand, funny part was I am more native to these islands and other places around the world than the ones who did not accept me. This made me strive to accomplish my endeavors shooting farther that the atmosphere itself. So I did while also dealing with daily obstacles a “normal” adolescent would not go through. I am thankful for these hardships and now I have new goals. I WILL help my people, plants, animals & MY MOTHER EARTH!

5 words that your family or friends would use to describe you.

  • Leader
  • Attentive
  • Nurturing
  • Elaborate
  • Artist

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