Animal Kingdom: Orthopedic Surgery

Running, chasing a ball or catching a frisbee are all great exercise for dogs but it can also result in injuries. And they are more common t…

Understanding Cancer

Millions of people are diagnosed with cancer every year. But what is cancer?  And what are some things we can do to prevent it?  Dr. Susie C…

Zero Waste Farming

“Zero-Waste” is a global sustainability movement that’s helping to reduce and divert waste away from landfills, incinerators and the environ…

May Day Waikiki 2017

Waikiki is the place to be on May Day. The fourth annual “May Day Waikiki” is happening on May 1st.

Financial Freedom: Tax Planning

April 18 has come and gone but getting a jump on next year’s tax return will pay big dividends later on.