Crews rush to Natatorium to rescue monk seal pup, reunite her with worried mother

We were flooded with calls and messages from people who said RH58, also known as Rocky, was wailing on Kaimana Beach, with her pup nowhere t…

Judge orders 10-day pause on Maui sand mining as lawsuit moves forward

Plaintiffs say it could be disrupting Hawaiian burials in an area where hundreds of warriors were slain in a 1776 battle.

State senator says UFC brass ‘very, very interested’ in holding Hawaii event next year

Sen. Glenn Wakai says he was told the organization is very interested in making a pit stop in the Pacific.

Wedding Week: Music

Check out Ben & Maila For more information, visit their website:

What’s Up Weekend

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, Hawaii CW Star, Mikey Monis has you covered in today’s What’s Up Weekend feature. Check …