Preserve memories with Colorfuse Printing

“Colorfuse” is the name for a special printing process that fuses dye onto various surfaces.  At Plus Interiors, they can Colorfuse just abo…


Summer Fruit Salad with Down to Earth

Summer Fruit Salad In today’s Healthy & Delicious segment with Down to Earth, Edgar Edge shows us how to make a refreshing fruit salad. You …


Ask a Specialist: Chronic wounds

Do you have wounds that take a very long time to heal? Chronic wounds affect one in 100 people over the age of 75. Dr. Ajay Bhatt, medical d…

judge joseph cardoza

Judge orders attorneys to stop bickering on Maui murder trial day 12

It’s been a heated trial so far with the prosecutor and defense attorney constantly arguing over each other’s line of questioning.