Design & Décor: Guests in the Home

Having guests stay at your home is always great, when you are prepared. Otherwise it can be stressful and you might not enjoy seeing them as…

Maui Divers Jewelry: Opulent Collection

Maui Divers brings romantic sunset colors to life in this Opulent Sunset Pearls Collection. Enhanced by their modern classic living heirloom…

Island Slipper: Stripe Slider Collection

These are an original comfort slipper that’s sure to leave you smiling step after step. You can feel beautiful and comfortable at the same t…

Hospital escapee tells California judge: ‘I really don’t want to go back to Hawaii’

During his extradition hearing, the judge asked Saito how he felt about being sent back to Hawaii to face an escape charge.

Cool Down Drink Up

The Cover2 team sends some high quality H2O to some worthy recipients.