James Takamoto

Found: James Takamoto

The 84-year-old was reported missing after he disappeared from his home in Aina Haina.

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Kailua: A Hidden Gem Uncovered

Once a hidden jewel behind the majestic Koʻolau Mountains, Kailua is now a destination for island residents and visitors from all across the…


Part 1: Welcome to Kailua

Just over the majestic Koolau Range and beyond the cliffs of the Nuuanu Pali sits a gift from Mother Nature. Beautiful Kailua, once a hidden…

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Part 2: The history of Kailua

Kailua was a prized jewel of the district of Koolaupoko. Even Oahu chiefs recognized the value of this precious land.

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Part 3: Small-town charm

Quicker and easier access to Kailua resulted in the rise of land values. Small businesses flourished, adding to its charm.

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Part 4: A changing community

Kailua has certainly seen its share of changes through the years, but perhaps none more jolting than what the tiny town has witnessed over t…

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Part 5: Growing pains

Changes in Kailua have provided new opportunities for many businesses to thrive, but at times, they also divided the town and the residents …

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Part 6: A world-class destination

Kailua is no longer a sleepy town. Thanks to the Internet, television and high-profile vacations, it has become a world-class destination.

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Part 7: Building a future

Kailua’s new landowner, Alexander & Baldwin, says it is committed to working with the community to preserve the integrity of the neighborhoo…

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Part 8: Coming together

The question now is: How do you move forward while holding on to Kailua’s charm?