Surviving a Storm

It’s been more than 20 years since the last major hurricane hit the islands, but the threat remains very real. Hurricane season lasts from June through November and KHON2 wants to make sure all residents are prepared.

KHON2 news and weather anchor Justin Cruz presents “Surviving a Storm,” a 30-minute special aimed at educating residents about the devastation past storms have caused, what kind of activity is expected this year, and what residents need to know to prepare themselves.

Segment One: The history of hurricanes in Hawaii
Hurricanes in Hawaii. Iwa, Dot, Iniki. Just to name a few. The history, the damage, what was learned.

Segment TwoUnderstanding the 2014 Central Pacific Hurricane Season forecast
Forecast for the season. We talk with National Weather Service forecasters for an in depth look at the number of storms expected near Hawaii this season. The factors that will affect the formation, including a La Nina or El Nino weather pattern.

Segment ThreeCommon myths and misconceptions about hurricanes
How hurricanes are formed and debunking common hurricane myths.

Segment FourHow government agencies, organizations prepare for disaster
Preparedness on a state level. What the state has ready to go in case a hurricane hits. Things like blankets, water, etc. We’ll also look at preparedness from a building standpoint. The safeguards in place for homes and businesses to make sure they are protected.

Segment FiveWhat to put in your hurricane kit
A basic list of things you need to have in case of an emergency — food, water, batteries, medicine, etc.

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